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As news pours in on the Yankees nearing a deal with Derek Jeter, I realized part of me had hoped that negotiations broke down and Jeter signed with another team.  It would be interesting to see what he’d do in a line-up where he didn’t have as much protection behind him in the order. It would also be interesting to see how the national media and New York media viewed his performance with him not wearing pinstripes.  Probably not as favourably…but that’s just a guess.

Then I sat and thought about it, and this is a good thing. One, Jeter deserves to finish his career as a Yankee. Although I can’t stand the Yankees, it’s nice to see players that have accomplished so much in one uniform, stay in that uniform their whole career.  Second, Jeter is going downhill and although he might bounce back and have a decent 2011 season, 2012 and 2013 probably won’t be so pretty.  As a Blue Jays fan, there is nothing I’d like to see more than an aging Jeter patrolling shortstop for the Yankees. With E-Rod on third, the left side of the infield could be like swiss cheese in a few years (lots of holes).  At least this is what I’m hoping!

Look Derek Jeter is a good player, and at one time was a great player.  He has the World Series rings to prove it.  However, he has been built up by fans and the media as an icon at shortstop. He’s not. He has been fortunate to play in New York his whole career and been surrounded by other great players. You put him on a another team in another lineup and yes he’s a good/great shortstop but not THE Derek Jeter we know today.  Nothing against the guy (although he is one of my most hated players) but he is who he is today because of his talent but also because he’s been in the spotlight his whole career wearing pinstripes. Admittedly it takes a special player to perform in the biggest baseball market in the world.  It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Each (Jeter and the Yankees) make the other one better.