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What a Joke

It’s embarassing that the number of Red Sox games shown on Canadian t.v. in the past week exceeds the number of Blue Jay games broadcasted.  I understand that TSN (our version of ESPN) is covering the NHL playoffs and Rogers Sportsnet (our version of FOX Sportsnet) is covering the Memorial Cup (National Junior Hockey Championship) but Rogers (who owns the Jays) should find someone else to carry the games if they choose to carry the Memorial Cup.  Last night there was a break in the Memorial Cup schedule so Rogers was showing the Red Sox/Devil Rays game as the Jays were off yesterday.  Not one of the Jays games against Colorado or Tampa Bay were broadcasted on Canadian television. 

To Rogers’ credit, they did provide a free preview of MLB Extra Innings to their digital cable subscribers so I was able to watch all the games but many of my friends who have basic cable were unable to.  Of course tonight, after showing a Red Sox game, the Jays game against the White Sox also won’t be on Sportsnet.  It’s a joke and a slap in the face to Jays fans in Canada.  Rogers should be ashamed.