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Chicago Pics

I’ve finally got around to publishing some of my pics from my trip to Chicago in June. 

My friends Andrew, Nathan Jason and myself went down to the windy city to catch a few ballgames, eat some ribs, some deep dish and sample some of U.S.A’s finest lagers.

Our first game was the White Sox vs. the Houston Astros on June 25th.  This game was broadcast nationally in the U.S. and Canada on ESPN.  It was a great game with the Astros edging the White Sox 10-9 in extra innings after the Sox made a miraculous comeback with Tadahito Iguchi hitting a three run homerun in the eighth and then tying the game in the ninth with a grand slam.  This was my second game at U.S. Cellular and I must say that I love the atmosphere at that park: Thunderstruck is blaring, the Sox fans are into every pitch, the food is good, and Sox ownership continues to make renovations to the park.  I’ve had a great time both times I’ve been to that park.

The next night was the night I was really looking forward to as I was finally going to get to see a game in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.  As soon as I entered the gates, I fell in love with the place.  We got there really early to take in the park before the game started and to make sure that we got a free hat as it was free hat night.  The game ended up being a bit of a stinker as the Brewers roughed up Greg  Maddux but as the game got more out of hand, my friends and I ordered more Old Styles and just soaked in the atmosphere.  At the end of the game we just walked down to the seats right behind home plate as we had been sitting in the 200 section between homeplate and first base.  Nobody stopped us and we just stood there in awe of the field.  I almost felt cheated by having to watch games regularly at Rogers Centre, a field that is devoid of any sort of character when the roof is closed.

Not only was going to two ballgames great, but the city of Chicago itself is a great place to visit.  The architecture in downtown Chicago is amazing and of course there are great places to eat like Carson’s Rib House and Uno Pizzeria. 

So that was my trip to the windy city.  View the pictures in the album if you wish! I may be hitting New York in September to see the house that Ruth built and plan on visiting Fenway Park next season.


What a Game!

For some reason my last post didn’t show up!  I wrote a good three paragraphs on the last game against the Yankees and the upcoming series at the Red Sox.  I even touched on the fact that tonights game should be a good pitching matchup but given the injury history of both, it was likely one or the other would leave early….too bad it was Burnett. 

Obviously, the Sox left Beckett in one inning too long tonight!  However, the way he was rolling I wouldn’t have taken him out either.  What a great victory by the Jays. I had the game on picture in picture while I was watching my Oilers lose a heartbreaker to the Wings and was switching back and forth. Once I saw Adams hit one out I immediately switched to the Jays game.  Glaus hit another moon shot, Wells hits two out and the bullpen was magnificent!  That was a huge victory. 

The Burnett injury is disappointing. I’m thinking it is the same problem that sidelined him earlier this spring (scar tissue).  I figure he’s trying to prove he is worth the big contract he received and is probably overthrowing a bit which is aggravating the elbow injury.  I highly doubt this is anything serious but if it is well then the Jays are going to have to make due with the rotation of Halladay, Chacin, Lilly, Towers and Downs.  I just hope fans don’t criticize J.P. for signing Burnett as I think this signing will pay off in the future.  You could say that Boston made a bigger gamble trading for Beckett….that guy has never had a healthy season.  Plus, the other offseason acquisitions are paying off, Glaus is killing the ball, Overbay came through tonight with a clutch hit and Molina is solid. 

Well tomorrow at 1 we have Roy Halladay on the mound. Here’s hoping he has a solid start and the Jays can beat up on DiNardo. Towers goes on Sunday and given the way he is pitching, that will be a tough one to win!

Alright, I’ve got to get to bed. I’ll post again tomorrow.