Back Up and Running

I mean it this time. I’m going to fully commit myself to this blog in 2012. Why you ask? The Blue Jays did me a solid and got rid of those stupid black jerseys and hats so I shall return the favour and provide the mlblogosphere my rantings and ravings about the team and sport I love.

In all seriousness, I enjoy blogging and was writing posts on almost a daily basis a few years back but then life sort of got in the way over the past few seasons.  First, my wife and I had a child (he was born during the 2009 MLB all-star game). As a new parent, I was just not accustomed to not sleeping and stringing a series of coherent thoughts together about the Blue Jays  proved to be a monumental challenge and I just didn’t have the time or desire to post.  Secondly, my work life got busier. I got a bit of a promotion and the project I was working on picked up steam so I spent more time travelling and working some later hours.  Lastly, I discovered Twitter and the vast universe of Blue Jays fans that are on there, many of whom blog themselves. I was intimidated by the quality of these blogs and the knowledge of these authors.  I played competitive baseball for years and followed MLB and the Blue Jays  since I was six years old and yet my knowledge of the game and the Blue Jays paled in comparison to many of these fans.  So I really didn’t think I had much to contribute that others would find worth reading so I simply stopped writing.

I now realize that I miss blogging and decided that I’m going to try my best to produce a quality blog this year. If I don’t? Well, I’m still going to have fun doing it.  I like expressing my thoughts and opinions on the Blue Jays. It keeps me more in tune with the game and more invested in the season.  It also provides me with an outlet for when the Blue Jays just aren’t doing so well.

This is my first post of many in 2012. My next post will actually discuss the Blue Jays and what is happening in Spring Training this year and why I’m cautiously optimistic for 2012 and extremely optimistic for 2013 and beyond.
Stay tuned!


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