A surprise?

Well the Jays managed to blow another opportunity to sweep a series. Am I surprised? No.

At least somebody on the Jays is upset about it this time.  Lyle Overbay wasn’t happy that the Jays didn’t win all three against the White Sox and said so in the Star this morning.  I like the fact that someone on the team is coming out and saying this.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect the Jays to sweep the World Series champions but they had the opportunity and didn’t take advantage of it.  Ty Taubenheim put the Jays in a hole early but they made a comeback only to have the bullpen allow the Sox to widen their lead and Jays came up short.

The Red Sox are in town tonight and the Jays have their ace on the mound.  Hopefully this will result in a Jays victory but Manny and Big Pappi always hit well at Rogers Centre so if the Jays don’t score any runs against Clement, Roy may have a tougher time than he did against Tampa Bay last week.


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